We love nature

There are many ways to explore. But how do you get to the most remote places if there are no roads, no airports or no other paths to follow? Along the coast the answer is obvious; by boat! In our effort to experience nature and get the best shots possible, we travel by water. This lets us explore uncharted territory with absolute freedom. Our crew consist of experienced sailors, photographers and extreme-sports enthusiasts. 

We love adrenaline

In our focus to explore nature, we stay motivated by finding new obstacles to conquer. Be it a mountaintop, deep fjords, remote islands or gnarly waters, we will get there. Surfing, diving, climbing, sailing and skiing lets us take advantage of what our planet has to offer! From the fjords of Sunnmøre to arctic waters, we push our boundaries.  Check out our portfolio to see our work.

We make a difference

Our love for nature has led us to scientific exploration, as we research oceanic microplastics in the most remote places. By combining beautiful pictures from our adventures with this work we hope to direct much needed attention to this problem. We also collaborate with inthesameboat, and with their experience in removing plastic from our shorelines we are part of a well-functioning program.